What Our Clients Say

I own a small business in Maynard, MA and this is the second time I have used Joe from Tech Town to help me with my computer issues. He's great to work with and affordably priced. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help!!

Kelli C

Excellent, Professional Service! Tech Town was able to retrieve my Data from a computer that I had broken In 2013. I thought it was a long shot, however, all the info (everything) was saved and put on a thumb drive for me! Even the hard drive from the computer was safely removed and returned to me securely. I have returned for other computer needs. The owner of Tech Town has even answered questions and showed me how to fix problems on my home Wi-Fi. I Highly recommend Tech Town.

jo ha

Joe was great! He gave me a quote over email before I even brought my computer in, got the work done quickly at a super reasonable price, and was in contact the whole time. So happy to find him--I was dreading taking my laptop to a big company that would overcharge. I've already been recommending him to family and friends.

Mara Koren

Joe is awesome! He was super responsive from start to finish and beyond helpful. Our desktop died and he helped us pick out a new laptop, migrate the data, and set it all up. The whole process only took a few days and we're beyond happy. He has vast technical knowledge and provides excellent customer service.


I called Joe & explained by laptop's issue on the phone. Essentially, a Windows 10 update had made my older laptop unusable. I brought my laptop to the store that day and Joe examined it along with some additional information that I was able to provide. He was able to provide 2 possible repair outcomes along with the cost of each depending upon what he discovered as he spent more time with the problem. Both costs were reasonable and I asked him to continue. During the work, Joe kept me informed and explained how he was keeping the information on my encrypted disk safe as he proceeded with the data recovery onto his server and back again onto my disk. He also installed an older version of Windows 10 onto my laptop in order for me to have a fully working laptop. A few days later I had a operational laptop with the vast majority of my information recovered. Joe provided some instructions to me to help keep the laptop functioning until I was able to purchase a new laptop with a solid state disk as recommended. I have provided Joe's information to a former colleague and will heartily recommend his services to anyone else that is having any sort of computer problems or is contemplating an upgrade or new technology purchase. He has a great depth of information and understanding of both the current and emerging technologies.

Barry Rosen

We use Joe from TechTown at the company I work for JJ HARDWOOD FLOORS. He is hands down the best tech we have had here. From little things to big complex issues he has been able to help us and improved our systems. I find the cost to be reasonable and fair compared to others I've hired. Everytime I call Joe he is there for us. He is busy, but always seems to find a way to fit us in. I would recommend this company to everyone, you will not be disappointed!!

Joanne DiNoto